What is Arena Ball

Live Indoor Baseball Games for Players

Ages 7-12. Where fun, learning, and hitting home runs is KING!

  • Competitive fun! Arena Ball is fast-paced baseball requiring quick reaction and sound decision-making skills. The program enables players to speed up their transition to next year’s higher age division while enhancing their skills under game conditions in a fun, structured and energetic environment.

  • No coaches! What better for youth to learn leadership, organization and communication skills than doing so without grownups intervening?! To that end, no coaches or adults are allowed on or near the bench area. Players are empowered to organize themselves and rotate positions every inning under the supervision of Sports Barn personnel.

  • Affect the Culture! Inside The Sports Barn we believe more than ever that "sports in proper perspective as a vital educational vehicle" is still important! Arena Ball strikes a unique balance between learning how to have fun competing while playing to win in an environment of empathy, encouragement, sportsmanship and respect toward opponents, parents, umpires, the game itself and most of all, one’s self.

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Arena ball Registration

Arena Ball Opening Day is Oct. 26, 2019! 

*** Save $10 if Registering before Oct. 15! *** 


  1. Ages 9-12: Form your own team of 7 players  
  2. Ages 9-12: Sign up individually and play on the same day and time every week
  3. Ages 7&8: Sign up individually and play on Saturday mornings (45 minutes of instruction followed by 45 minutes coach-pitch game) Note: each option has its own registration link found under details listed below

Option 1 - Ages 9-12: Form Your Own Team of 7 Players

Two age groups: 9/10 & 11/12

  • For players to be together and a COMPLETE ROSTER OF 7: you MUST have at least 5 players committed to your team at the time of registration AND will complete your 7 player roster AND have everyone registered on-line by the first night of play (Oct. 26). We will not add players to your roster! 
  • You MUST be able to play a minimum of two, preferably three, of the four nights (Mon – Thurs). 
  • Important! A Team Parent Rep. is needed to complete the Team Registration Form and to facilitate team communication from Sports Barn. 
  • Fee/Player: $115 if player registers before Oct. 15; $125 if registered Oct. 16th or later
  • Registration: Every player must register on-line using THIS LINK.
  • Team roster form: to be filled out by Team Parent Rep- Click Here

Option 2 - Sign Up Individually and Play On the Same Day and Time Each Week

The ideal solution for players who have limited availability; who wish to have a consistent time every week; and/or who are only able to form a partial team. 

  • Ages 9-12
  • Teams are chosen each week. (We seek to keep friends together on same team)
  • Fee/player: $115 if player registers before Oct. 15; $125 if registering Oct. 16 or later. 
  • Game nights: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. (Choose two days you can play when registering and list in notes section friends with whom you wish to play with.)
  • Game start time: 5:30pm each night. 
  • Registration: Every player must register on-line using THIS LINK. And fill out the player form HERE

Option 3 - Sign Up Individually and Play Saturday Mornings for 7 &8 Year Olds

  • Format: 45 minutes instruction followed by 45 minutes coach-pitch game
  • First date: Saturday Oct. 26th Time: 9:00 – 10:30am Instructors: Ken and Norm Hayner
  • Fee: $150 if registering before Oct. 15. $165 if registering Oct. 16 or later
  • Registration: Every player must register on-line using THIS LINK.

Additional Arena Ball Information

  • Length of Program: October 26th - December 19 (8 weeks) 
  • Game Days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday (9-12) & Saturday (7/8 only) 
  • Game Times: 5:30*, 6:30, 7:30 & 8:30 (only if necessary) *The 5:30 time slot is dedicated to the #2 “Play On a Set Day” option. The 8:30 time slot, if necessary, will be rotated equally among the teams. 
  • "Playing Up": Ages 8 and 10 players have the option of playing up depending on their experience. To play up a player must have the ability to consistently catch, throw, hit and compete against older level competition due to the speed of the indoor game. 
  • NOTE: The Sports Barn seeks to create a competitive schedule and ballgames as best we can while balancing the many variables of team availability when creating the master schedule. 
  • We reserve the right to create separate "A/B" or "Travel/Rec." divisions within each age group. We also reserve the right to move individuals and teams to higher or lower age divisions. 
  • Pitching Ages 7 & 8: (Saturday morning instructional program): “Coach Pitch” 
  • Pitching Ages 9-12: use Hack Attack* pitching machine - the most accurate machine on the market - to ensure pitch accuracy and fast paced games. Sports Barn staff members “feed” the machine and also serve as umpires. 
  • What to Wear: Sneakers (no cleats) and players must bring their own bats and helmets. Sliding is allowed and can be done safely on our new turf floor, however, we recommend long pants be worn. 
  • Playoffs: There will be playoffs or one extra game for those registering under Option #1 (9/10 and 11/12 form your own team divisions). First place and runner up trophies will be awarded. Players registering under Option #1 (play on a set night) and Option #3 (ages 7 & 8) will play an extra week. 
  • Home Runs: Home runs are recorded each game and standings will be posted each week for all players participating in Arena Ball regardless of age level. A trophy will be awarded to the home run champion of each age level. 
  • Registering On-Line: If you have not already created an on-line account with us, go to our website www.haynersportsbarn.com > Client Login > click on “Not Registered? Click here to Register.“ link underneath the Login/Password section and create an account. 
  • Questions: Email norm@haynersportsbarn.com