PitchLab - a modern day coaching approach to pitcher development

With Hayner Brothers Baseball Academy Instructor Mike McFerran

Mike “Mick” McFerran is the Associate Head Coach, Recruiting Coordinator & Pitching Coach at Skidmore College, and Pitching Coach for the 2019 PGCBL Champion Amsterdam Mohawks.

What is included in the sessions

The biomechanical movements taught in this program will be designed to strengthen and train the correct muscle groups used specifically and universally by ALL elite pitchers. These are movements that repetitively train each athlete for high power efficiency and low arm stress.

  • Each pitcher will be individually assessed and reassessed throughout the course, through the following methods:

    • Velocity tracking (by radar), for all pitch types - logged and recorded via online spreadsheet

    • Pitch tracking (by app), for all pitch types in bullpen sessions - logged and recorded via online spreadsheet

    • Extensive video recording and analysis - recorded and saved via online storage

      • biomechanical breakdowns of different camera angles from each session

      • video comparisons to actual major league athletes for better visual connection and direction for improvement

      • unique release angle slow-motion video for better understanding of individual arm path, pitch grips, spin axis, release angle, and tunneling effectiveness

    • Arm Stress tracking  to reduce chance of serious injury! Via Motus Sleeve: a state of the art technology that tracks the totality of arm stress caused within each throw for an athlete. Athletes’ results will be collected throughout the course, and each athlete will have a full understanding in the correlation between their mechanical movements, competitive mindsets, and the stress that is caused on their arm as a result. This is top of the line technology and vital information for every athlete.

  • Each pitcher will leave the completion of this program with the following:

    • A wealth of knowledge and new experiences to put them on the path toward realization of ultimate athletic potential on the mound. 

    • An expert-level understanding for universal pitching biomechanics, as well as their own.

    • A year-round arm care and overall flexibility program.

    • A personal Google Drive file that is organized and easily accessible containing: data-logged spreadsheets for command, velocity, motus sleeve data accumulation, and all video taken from the course

    • A written assessment from Coach Mick on current status of the athlete, where the athlete saw improvement, where he can continue to improve, what his strengths and weaknesses are, and more. This is professional input that is respected and sought across baseball!



  • The program is 2 weeks in duration – 2x per week

  • Sundays and Thursdays

  • Sundays in December 5-6:30 pm

  • Sundays in January/February 6-7:30 pm

  • Thursdays 4:30-6 pm.


  • Session 1 – December 15, 19, 22, 26
  • Session 2 – December 29, January 2, 5, 9
  • Session 3 – January 12, 16, 19, 23
  • Session 4 – January 26, 30, February 2, 6
  • Session 5 – February 9, 13, 16, 20

Grades: 9-12

Fee: $300

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