What teams are you offering in ‘22/’23?

13u, 14u, 15u (two teams), 17u

When are tryouts?

Tryouts are held in August.  If you are selected for the team you are exclusively committed to our program for one year.  Go to our Tryouts page for dates, times and to register for the tryout.  There is a $10 fee to tryout.


Who will be coaching each team?

We hope to be able to announce the Head Coach for each team by the time of the tryout.


Do you play Fall Baseball?

We do offer Fall Baseball.  The Fall program consists of practices and games.  The Fall program begins after Labor Day and continues for approximately 6 weeks.  If you are not playing a Fall School Sport you are expected to participate.   For players who play a Fall School Sport we recognize that the sport in season should be your priority.  We highly encourage you to participate when you are able however, we do not guarantee participation in games.  The goal of the Fall Program is to lay a solid foundation for the rest of the year as far as expectations, team development and individual skill improvement.


What Winter Workout Opportunities do you offer?

Winter workouts are required for all players who do not play a Winter School Sport.  For players who play a Winter School Sport we recognize that the sport in season should be your priority.  We highly encourage you to participate when you are able.

  • Sports Performance training in November and December at The Sports Barn.
  • Skill workouts and team practices in January and February at The Sports Barn.
  • Facility Use Memberships for Individual/Family Tunnel Use.

 What does Summer Travel Baseball look like?

Teams begin practicing and playing at the conclusion of the school baseball season.  Each team plays a combination of tournaments and local travel games for a total of 30-40 games.  Go to our 2022 Summer Schedules page to learn what our teams did this year.  You can expect a similar schedule for your age group for 2023.


Do you have a home field?

Yes, the Halfmoon Town Park Field #1.  The Halfmoon Town Park is located ¼ mile from The Sports Barn on Route 236.  We also use The Sports Barn for Fall and Summer practices.


What fees are associated with the program?

Fall Ball, Winter Workouts and Summer Travel are 3 separate fees depending on your participation.  Fees generally vary by team depending on the cost of tournaments.  Included in your fee: coaches salaries/expenses, tournament entry fees, umpires, field rental, winter training opportunities (a la carte), franchise fee and insurance.  Generally speaking, uniform costs are separate and depend on what you order.  Not included in the fee are hotel and travel expenses.  A more detailed fee schedule with payment options will be included in the invitation letter should you make the team.

Listed below are our stated goals and values for the Barnstormers Program:


  • To create and maintain a winning culture within the Barnstormers program and within each individual team.
  • We want to excel at the fundamentals and the process that goes into winning.
  • We will always keep winning and losing in the proper perspective.
  • We want our players, parents, and coaches to put the needs of the team before individual needs.
  • We place a high priority on team unity and relationships on the team.
  • We want players/parents/coaches to be supportive and an encouragement to each other.
  • We respect the game, how it is played, the umpires, tournament officials, opposing coaches and teams and will always demonstrate good sportsmanship.
  • We want players that are not afraid to make mistakes.  To that end, absolutely no coaching from the stands.
  •  Parents are welcome to watch practices but agree not to hover.
  • We believe that a player’s character is more important than athletic ability.  To that end we as coaches are interested in the whole person and not just baseball skill.
  • We do our absolute best to define the roles we foresee for each player during the team selection process.  The position(s) each player’s ends up playing is at the discretion of the coach and for the good of the team.  Playing time is earned and where a player bats in the batting order is earned.
  • It is at the discretion of each individual coach to determine how the lines of communication will work for his team.
  • It is at the discretion of each individual coach to determine the rules for his team.