What is Arena Ball

Live Indoor Baseball Games for Players Ages 7-14. Where fun, learning, and hitting home runs is KING!

  • Competitive fun: Arena Ball is fast-paced baseball game requiring quick reaction and sound decision-making skills. The program enables players to enhance their skills under game conditions in a fun, structured and energetic environment; and speed their transition to next year’s higher age division. 
  • Empower players to organize and coach themselves: What better for youth to learn leadership, organization and communication skills than doing so without grownups intervening?  No coaches or adults are allowed on or near the bench area. Players organize themselves and rotate positions every inning under the supervision of Sports Barn personnel. 
  • Promote sportsmanship and an atmosphere of respect: this is among all persons present - players, parents, umpires - and for the game itself. While the outside sports culture too often reflects our societal ills, inside The Sports Barn we believe a healthy environment of fun, encouragement, respect and "sports in proper perspective as an educational vehicle" is still important.  

     Arena Ball is our attempt to create a climate where kids can shine and simply play

“for the love of the game”.  

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2018 Dates to be Announced

Ages 7/8   

Ages 9/10: 

Ages 11/12: 

Ages 9-12: For individuals NOT on a team

Ages 13/14

Additional Arena Ball Information

Length of Program: October 30th - December 21st

Four Age Divisions:

  1. 7/8 year old:“Learn to Play/Coach-Pitch” Rookie Division. Instructional program followed by a Coach-Pitch game.  
  2. 9/10 year old  
  3. 11/12 year old     
  4. 13/14 year old


  • Players ages 8 and 10 have the option of playing up depending on their experience. The criteria for an individual playing up is his ability to catch, throw, hit and compete against older level competition due to the speed of the indoor game.
  • NOTE: The Sports Barn seeks to create a competitive schedule and ballgames as best we can while balancing the many variables of team availability when creating the Master Schedule. We reserve the right to create separate "A/B" or "Travel/Rec." divisions within each age group. We also reserve the right to move individuals and teams to higher or lower age divisions.


  • 7/8 year olds Instructional: “Coach Pitch”
  • 9/10 year olds: Hack Attack pitching machine
  • 11/12 year olds: Hack Attack pitching machine
  • 13/14 year olds: Hack Attack pitching machine

*The Hack Attack pitching machine is the most accurate machine on the market and will be used during all games to ensure pitch accuracy and fast paced games. Sports Barn staff members also serve as umpires. 


  • Players need to wear sneakers (no cleats) and must bring their own bats and helmets. Since sliding can be done safely and most kids enjoy doing so, we recommend long pants be worn.  

If you have any questions please call (518) 664-4537